Thursday, March 26, 2015

A free taste of things to come

Those of you that have found my new domain at, congratulations! Your well deserved little Scooby Snack is the first of what I would like to give you every month. Now, I can't promise a free tidbit like clockwork, but rest assured that short stories will be readily available for your reading pleasure. I will put the stories together at an as-yet-undetermined time for sale on Amazon, but if you are a loyal fan, you get them FREE and you get them months before they will be available for sale. Follow along for more updates, contact me with the doodad to the right, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter; I'm always up for conversation and Q&A with fans. Without further is the first freebie story, tentatively titled "Repetition." It has not appeared in any other literature or publications, nor will it until I have a collection of short stories later this year or possible in 2016. Enjoy and welcome! The link below will take you to the file host for the .mobi file for "Repetition."


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