Thursday, January 3, 2013

Attention KMart shoppers! Got an update on some of the short stories for the 6FFH collection! They will be released here first and at least one will be included FREE with a copy of Six Feet From Hell: Salvation!

GROUND ZERO - WITH ZOMBIES - This is the story from dead center of the 6FFH outbreak in Buchanan County, Virginia that follows two of Joe's coworkers that come to the realization pretty quick that all is not well with the mining accident they are dispatched to.

FATHER OF MANY - This is the background story of Abraham, Lucy, and Bobby from Six Feet From Hell: Escape and how he amassed his "congregation."

PEDESTRIANS FOR SPEEDBUMPS - The story of what happens to Larry and Kody once they part ways with Joe in Six Feet From Hell: Response.

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