Sunday, January 6, 2013

I really want to try and do something on the blog every day, but...I can't really think of anything to say for the moment.  So in place of actually saying something worthwhile I will just take a minute to introduce myself formally.  My name is Joseph Coley (friends call me Joe), I am a divorced 33 year old father of one.  I have written two books in my Six Feet From Hell series as well as several short stories, one of which is for sale on Amazon  I have written another short story which I am hoping will be selected for an anthology titled "Legends of the Buckeye State" The name of that story is "A Night on Holcomb Road."  I am currently writing several short stories for the 6FFH collection as well as the third book in the 6FFH series.  The fourth and subsequent books I hope to have out in around 6 month intervals (April and October) for as long as I want to keep the story going.  The fourth book was originally to be titled Six Feet From Hell: Exile, but I have since changed it to Six Feet From Hell: Chaos. Exile will instead be the 6th book in the series, as I have come up with some new ideas that I want to flesh out in a few sequels before then.  Please review my books and stories that are on Amazon if you like/dislike them!

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