Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So many ideas...so little time...or space...or carpal tunnel

So if you've come here after the Facebook post, then congrats!  I appreciate all of my fans and all of the people who have enjoyed my story.  When I started the 6FFH series, the original three books were going to be just they way they are now - minus a few details.  I had no intention of making Joe or Dakota immune to the virus, but it fit in well with what I wanted to do with the rest of the story.  The original series was going to be Response, Escape, and Exile.  Exile was going to be when the group went to the Gulf Coast and then came back to the mainland to take back their homes and rescue more friends.  Some of the scenes that were going to allude to that were edited out by me.  I had more characters that I wanted to use and more stories to tell, but they will be told in short-story form instead.  The short stories will explain what happened to Abraham to make him the way he was, what happened to Larry and Kody after Response and a tale of some brave Navy Corpsmen, Coast Guard rescue swimmers, and Air Force Pararescuemen (PJ's).  Those short stories will be together in a Six Feet From Hell collection of short stories.  It is funny how random ideas come together to make such an interesting tale.  I may do more than one set of those stories, but I'm not sure yet.  There will be plenty to read in the coming year.  2014 promises to be jam-packed full of 6FFH goodness...and hopefully at least 2 sets of paperbacks.  Books 1-3 will be together, as well as 4-6 for a total of around 800-900 pages of zombie goodness.  The short story collection will hopefully be put into paperback as well, making a nice addition to your (and mine) zombie library.  Thanks again to everyone!
Look for Six Feet From Hell: Crisis on Amazon September 3rd!

If you like where Crisis ends, then get comfy - the rest of the series will be set there as well...

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