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Guest Post - Rebecca Besser #WinterofZombie 2015

Guest Post: Rebecca Besser #WinterofZombie

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Shut the Damn Door
By Rebecca Besser
Recently, while watching Fear the Walking Dead, I found myself completely annoyed with the stupidity of humanity. In situations where people don’t know what’s going on or what to do, they tend to make the stupidest of decisions. Like leaving the damn doors open behind themselves when they leave the house and, by doing so, allow a zombie to get into their house.
I was literally screaming at the TV, calling the people idiots for not shutting the door to their house when they left.
My husband said, “You would do the same thing.”
I responded with, “No, I wouldn’t.”
Why wouldn’t I? Because I’m not stupid enough to leave everything open to someone or something that might harm me or my family. Hell, I’m allergic to cats so I shut the door every time I step outside so that one doesn’t sneak in while I’m not looking. I even shut the door so as not to allow bugs in because mosquitoes love me! I sure as hell wouldn’t leave the door to my house open if I thought anything even remotely close to zombies were running around outside. In that case, I wouldn’t leave the house unarmed. And I’d damn well shut the damn door.
Smart people don’t leave their secure, safe place open to just anyone or anything. That’s how people get hurt and die.
Yes, I’m aware people would be in denial, just like the characters of the show I just mentioned. But, they stared the dangers in the face (at least a couple of them did) prior to the incident. They made the mistake of not telling the third person in their party (who hadn’t witnessed what was going on) blind to the entire situation, hence the door being left open by that person. Hence the risk to all their lives.
Luckily they all managed to survive, even though that third person I mentioned finally came face to face with the danger no one would tell her about at the risk of her life. She managed to escape…barely.
You’re probably wondering why the writers would make their characters so naïve. Frankly, it’s because writers want a reaction from you. Example: Me screaming at the TV. They want you to feel something for the characters or about the characters. That’s how they get readership/watchers. Writers want the characters to be relatable in some way.
Even if you’re not stupid enough to leave the door to your house open during the Z-poc, I’m sure you know someone who is dumb enough to do so. Human beings will always be in denial of the biggest threats that face them. Those that survive in the hard times will be the people who are strong, decisive, and cautious (or the people who are protected by such a person). All the others will find their demise one way or another.
So, shut the damn door and survive. Protect yourself and your own. Be a strong survivor whatever the danger that’s staring you in the face.
*   *   *   *   *
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