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Guest Post - Shawn Chesser #WinterofZombie 2015

Guest Post: Shawn Chesser #WinterofZombie

Shawn Chesser
My Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team
By Shawn Chesser

On my Facebook page the other day, I asked the question: What would your zombie apocalypse dream team look like? I put no restrictions on who they could pick for their team. A real person—living or dead, a comic book character, someone from the movies … it did not matter. I only wanted to know who their top ten would be, and why?
Some people picked relatives who had excelled on the field of battle and I think that’s beyond awesome! Way to honor them! Others stacked their team with superheroes. Most had a mix of team members as varied as the folks who read my ‘Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse’ series.
Therefore, without further adieu, here are my top ten picks.

  1. After thinking about this for about half a millisecond, I picked my own protagonist Cade ‘Wyatt’ Grayson. He’s former Delta, patriotic, and loyal to a fault.

  1. In the second half of that same millisecond I chose Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the late great legendary sniper the enemy took to calling “The Devil of Ramadi” on account of the high body count he racked up on them. With a scoped long gun and an ample supply of ammunition, the Z bodies would pile up very quickly.

  1. Marcus Luttrell was a must-have shooter for my team. A Navy SEAL Corpsman, he was the lone survivor of his four-man recon team. Deep in enemy territory in Afghanistan and vastly outnumbered by Taliban fighters, the four warriors fought tooth-and-nail to the bottom of a valley where Luttrell was knocked out by a fall before being spirited away to a friendly Pashtun villager’s home. His medical knowledge and dogged determination to survive against all odds makes him the perfect zompoc teammate.

  1. Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Her skill with the Katana is out of this world. Keeping as pets armless and jawless walkers whose stench masks her scent from other walkers earns her extra cunning points in my book.

  1. I could not pass up Wolverine from Marvel’s ‘The X-Men’. His accelerated healing factor should cancel out the possibility of infection from a zombie bite. Adamantium bones and razor sharp claws will allow him to wade through even the largest undead herds with impunity. Is fielding a mutant an unfair advantage? Yep … but I need to hear him call just one Z “Bub.”

  1. I would never hear the end of it from my readers if I left out Alice from Resident Evil. She is a master of weapons who just so happens to have telekinetic powers. Five years of fighting zombies and Umbrella Corp has conditioned her nicely for a full-blown zompoc.

  1. Han Solo. He flies the Millennium Falcon like a demon. Presumably, those skills will translate to fixed and rotor wing aircraft. I just hope that he won’t lawn dart it into a golf course with everyone aboard.

  1. Because I am a huge Punisher fan, Frank Castle makes the cut. With his martial arts training and weapons knowledge, he would round out nicely a four man recon team consisting of Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell, and Cade Grayson.

  1. Glenn from The Walking Dead would be a stellar addition. He is afraid of nothing. During runs outside the wire—save for the Noah debacle—he has proven he can move amongst the Zs without detection almost at will. Moreover, he always does what is best for the group. If you still need convincing … two words: Well Walker. If you have to ask, you are not a true Walking Dead fan.

  1. As one could imagine, a full day of zombie slaying drums up quite an appetite. Therefore, I chose Chef Emeril Lagasse—Bam!—to whip up our post Z-ass-kicking meal.

These are my ten.

What does your dream team look like?

P.S. In my STZA universe, Omega does not affect Wolverine. My imagination = my rules.
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