Sunday, December 23, 2012

OK, so I am new to the blogging thing, but here goes. One of my favorite authors, Brian Keene does a new reader orientation quarterly so here is mine. My name is Joseph Coley, I am a 33 year old EMT-Enhanced and I live in the hills of Southwest Virginia (not West Virginia, and yes there is a difference). I served in the US Army Reserve for 9 years as a medic and carpenter/mason at the 760th EnCo in Marion, Virginia. I am an aspiring author, having written the Six Feet From Hell series along with some other short stories that are awaiting publication. I have spoken to and try to interact with other authors in the zombie genre such as Aaron Wise, John O'Brien, Brian Keene, and others and I would love to do some collaborations. Follow on Twitter - @JosephAColey Facebook - Joseph Coley My Current list of stories *Novel **Short Story Six Feet From Hell: Response* Six Feet From Hell: Escape* Six Feet From Hell: Salvation (April 2013)* Six Feet From Hell: 4th book (TBA 2013)* Six Feet From Hell: 5th book (TBA 2014) Six Feet From Hell: 6th book (TBA 2014) Six Feet From Hell: Short story collection (February 2013) A Night on Holcomb Road (Awaiting Publication)** The End of Days...Again** Incarnation (TBA 2013-2014)* The Alamo Undead (TBA 2013)**