Monday, November 24, 2014


This Wednesday is the second annual Feed the Zombies event of Facebook. There will be plenty of games, prizes, and dozens of 99 cent deals on ebooks from the best in post-apoc fiction. The list of authors (including yours truly) is as follows - Michelle Kilmer, C. E. Robertson, Darren Wearmouth, Katie Cord, Jack Wallen, Rachel Tsoumbakos, Claire C. Riley, A. Carina Barry, Randy Spears, Dan Eagles, Timothy W. Long, S.P. Durnin, Tonia Brown, Rhiannon Frater, Owen Baillie, K.R. Chin, Mark Tufo, John O'Brian J.L. Bourne, Aramand Rosimilia, Jonathan Moon, Joseph A. Coley, and David Moody. There will also be a special offering from Craig DiLouie, Jackie Druga, Eloise J. Knapp, Rhiannon Frater, Stephen Knight, and Joe McKinney. If you haven't gotten an invite, consider this one it!