Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Okay, so what I have noticed from some other authors is that once you have an audience, you gotta keep 'em hooked. I noticed that the BEST way to do this is to give a few things away for free. Well, that being said, I think that I will try and do that to the best of my ability. I will therefore be releasing individual stories on here from the Six Feet From Hell universe. The first story will be "Ground Zero - With Zombies" and I will be releasing it here in the Six Feet From Hell blog first. I understand that it is not in the Kindle format that everyone is accustomed to but once there have been, oh let's say 5 different stories, I will release them on Kindle. Once they are on Kindle though, I will start to charge for them. I know, money controls everything. The collection will be only 99 cents (as are all the 6FFH books) and won't really have a "set" date for release, but everyone who wants it can get it here first. I will be releasing "Ground Zero - With Zombies" in the next 30 days so keep up with me on FB and Twitter ( @josephacoley). Thanks for all who bought the Six Feet From Hell books and if you like 'em, leave me a review on Amazon! Joseph A. Coley EMT-EN

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