Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Refuge From The Dead - Lockdown ON SALE NOW!


Michael Caine is a loving husband, proud father, and former combat medic. He is also trying to restart his life. While the beginning of the end may have started six weeks ago, he wouldn't have noticed. Busy chasing the American dream, he was bettering himself at the Department of Corrections academy in Richmond, Virginia. Stuck in southwest Virginia, an area that thrives on the dying coal industry, he took the next most stable job - working in a prison. Among the killers, rapists, and gangbangers he earned his pay. It wasn't the best job in the world, but it paid the bills. Michael 

Until the dead began to rise and the world went to hell almost overnight. 

As the undead hasten the end of the world, he must decide whether to bring his family to the safety of maximum-security Black Mountain State Prison, among those same murderers and rapists, or help remove the inmates from the prison and risk them running amok in a lawless world. In their final transmission from Richmond, an order is handed down from the Governor of Virginia, a decision that - if carried out - makes them no better than the men they guard. While the undead begin to take over his corner of Virginia, he must help bring his family together, whatever the cost. He must keep them alive and safe - or die trying.

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